APfun 0.1.5

Fixed APpolygonize so it uses Python3 in OSGeo’s Windows installation instead of Python 2

APfun 0.1.4

Variety of small bug fixes required for other libraries

APfun 0.1.3

APcontours - Added ability to control maximum number of segments per contour line. Ensured that output object’s ‘levels’ attribute was numeric instead of a string. APpolygonize - Added ‘outFile’ argument AProunder - Allow input of ‘Extent’ objects

APfun 0.1.2

Added following functions to facilitate reading and writing of Shapefiles

APSHPread - Read a Shapefile APSHPsave - Save a Shapefile APKML2SHP - Convert a KML to a Shapefile APSHPfiles - List all files associated with a Shapefile (ex.: yourfile.shp, yourfile.xml, yourfile.prj, etc.) APSHPdel - Delete Shapefile and all associated files

In addition, the ‘APpolyMerge’ function was added, which facilitates merging multiple polygonal Spatial objects.

APfun 0.1.1

Added following functions:

APcontours - Generates elevation contours at ‘tidy’ height values APprecise - Prints a number with all decimal values (i.e. no rounding) APopen - Opens a folder in Windows Explorer APpolygonize - Converts a raster into polygons using a GDAL utility