Functions are provided for quantifying evolution and selection on complex traits. The package implements effective handling and analysis algorithms scaled for genome-wide data and calculates a composite statistic, denoted Ghat, which is used to test for selection on a trait. The package provides a number of simple examples for handling and analysing the genome data and visualising the output and results. Beissinger et al., (2018) doi:10.1534/genetics.118.300857


Medhat Mahmoud, ‡,§,1, Mila Tost,1, ‡, Ngoc-Thuy Ha †, Henner Simianer †, ‡, and Timothy Beissinger*, ‡,1

*Department of Crop Science, University of Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany

†Department of Animal Sciences, University of Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany

‡Center for Integrated Breeding Research, University of Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany




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Documentation and examples

Example-1 Both SNP effects and change in allele frequency are known

maize       <- Maize_wqs[[1]]
result.adf  <- Ghat(effects =maize[,1], change=maize[,2], method="scale",
                     perms=1000, plot="Ghat", num_eff=54.74819)
mtext(paste("WQS ADF test for selection, pval = ", round(result.adf$p.val,4)))
message (c(result.adf$Ghat , result.adf$Cor , result.adf$

Example-2 Both SNP effects and change in allele frequency are known

Step 1: Run rrBLUP and estimating allels effects

phe                 <- Maize_wqs[[2]]
map                 <- Maize_wqs[[3]]
gen                 <- Maize_wqs[[4]]
phe                 <-phe[which([,2])==FALSE),]
gen                 <-gen[which([,2])==FALSE),]
result              <- mixed.solve(phe[,2],
                                   Z= as.matrix(gen[,2:ncol(gen)]),
                                   X= model.matrix(phe[,2]~phe[,3]),
                                   K=NULL, SE=FALSE, return.Hinv=FALSE,

Step 2: Is to calculate the allele frequency at Cycle 1 and 3

CycleIndicator      <- as.numeric(unlist(strsplit(gen$X,
                       split="_C")) [seq(2,2*nrow(gen),2)])
Cycle1              <- gen[which(CycleIndicator == 1),]
Cycle3              <- gen[which(CycleIndicator == 3),]
CycleList           <- list(Cycle1,Cycle3)
frequencies         <- matrix(nrow=ncol(gen)-1,ncol=2)
for(i in 1:2){
  frequencies[,i]   <- colMeans(CycleList[[i]][,-1],na.rm=TRUE)/2
frequencies         <-
names(frequencies)  <- c("Cycle1","Cycle3")

Step 3: Calculate LD Decay

ld                  <- ld_decay (gen=gen, map=map,
                                 max_win_snp=2000, max.chr=10,
                                 cores=1, max_r2=0.03)

Step 4: Calculate Ghat

Ghat.adf    <- Ghat(effects=result$u, change=change, method = "scale",
                    perms=1000,plot="Ghat", num_eff = 54.74819)

message (paste("Ghat=" , Ghat.adf$Ghat,
            "Cor="  , Ghat.adf$Cor ,
            "P-val=", Ghat.adf$, sep = " "))

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