bib <- ReadBib(system.file("Bib", "biblatexExamples.bib", 
                           package = "RefManageR"), check = FALSE)
BibOptions(check.entries = FALSE, style = "markdown", = "alphabetic", = 'alphabetic')

This is an R Markdown document. This is an example of a citation in the text Herrmann, Öfele, Schneider et al. [Her+06]. Now we cite in parentheses [e.g., BL04]. You can change the default options in a setup chunk at the start of the document or at any other point using the BibOptions function or by specifying options as a list in the .opts argument to the cite functions.

These are reports Chiu and Chow [CC78]; Padhye, Firoiu, and Towsley [PFT99]. Their hyperlinks go to their entry in the bibliography. The link for [Mar05] will take you to the document in a new window; this is the default behaviour, if a link is available (see ?open.BibEntry). The following citation has no hyperlink [Gee85]. You can also embed plots, for example:


plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-1 I've added a reference to CTAN without citing it. Look at all my Aristotle: [Ari07; Ari29; Ari68; Ari77].


plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

Some papers on the arXiv are Baez and Lauda [BL04]; Baez and Lauda [BL04]; Itzhaki [Itz96]; Wassenberg and Sanders [WS10].


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