baRcodeR 0.1.7

Thanks to rwalke for adding “Linear2” to the option list (Linear, Matrix). This will produce Code 128 extended linear barcodes, allowing for particular 1-D barcode patterns that are distinct from “Linear”

Thanks to Theirry() for pointing out that we need to change qrcode::qr_code() from (deprecated) qrcode_gen

baRcodeR 0.1.6

At the request of a COVID-2019 research group, we have added an option to allow non-encoded text to appear with linear & 2D barcodes. These have been added to custom_create_PDF():

These are considered advanced features that should be used cautiously, and therefore they are not made available through the Addins GUI.

baRcodeR 0.1.5


baRcodeR 0.1.4

Bugs and Improvements:

baRcodeR 0.1.3

Bugs and Improvements:

baRcodeR 0.1.2

New Feature:

baRcodeR 0.1.1

Bugs and Improvements:

New Features:

baRcodeR 0.1.0

This is the first official release of the package.