graph4lg 1.8.0

– Major changes - Removal of diveRsity dependency - Removal of mat_pw_gst and mat_pw_d_jost - Update of mat_gen_dist to depend on hierfstat package - Creation of graphab_interpol function – Minor changes - Bug fixed in link_compar

graph4lg 1.6.0

– Minor changes - Update of Graphab software download URL - Copy of graphab-1.8.jar in the sub-directory plugins within graph4lg_jar for using the development versions of Graphab functions. - Add comments regarding development versions of Graphab functions and potential error when returning metric values already computed previously.

graph4lg 1.5.0

– Minor changes - Update of pop_rare_gen_index() for allowing the shell/system command to run on both Linux or Windows OS

graph4lg 1.4.0

– Major changes: - Creation of a new genetic data conversion function (genind_to_structure) (internal function for the moment) - Creation of a function for rarefied genetic diversity indices called pop_rare_gen_index() (internal function for the moment) - Creation of a new function for computing corridors in a Graphab project - Addition of a new contributor to the package - Modification of graphab_project for allowing users to create multi-habitat graph projects - Modification of graphab_metric for allowing users to compute multi-habitat graph metrics - Modification of graphab_link for allowing users to include an external cost surface

– Minor changes: - Update of Graphab software to 2.8 - Creation of a function checking for multihabitat graph projects - Modification of functions using ggplot2 to avoid aes_string() - Update of spatstat versions and package names - Creation of a git repository on Gitlab

– Bug fixes:

graph4lg 1.2.0

– Major changes: - Creation of 9 new functions linked to Graphab software and internal - Change of the author email address - Addition of a CITATION file following the publication of a software paper

– Minor changes: - Update of Graphab software to 2.6 - Update of costdist software to 0.4 because of a bug with no data values - Use of .xml project files for checking arguments - Update of spatstat versions and package names

– Bug fixes: - Reset working directory before stopping when it is changed - Bug due to unique population in file input of genind_to_genepop - nb argument in graphab_modul was not active

graph4lg 1.0.1

– Minor changes: - RdMacros packages in Imports instead of Suggests - RAM allocated to computation when using mat_cost_dist is adjustable. And java interface launching is blocked when running this function.

– Bug fixes: - Order of commands changed in graphab_metric - Bug due to st_write() fixed

graph4lg 1.0.0

– Major changes: - Creation of functions to use Graphab java software tool (downloaded by users) from R (get_graphab, graphab_project, graphab_link, graphab_graph, graphab_metric, graphab_modul, graphab_pointset, get_graphab_metric, get_graphab_linkset) - Creation of mat_cost_dist function integrating costDistance from gdistance and another java code (downloaded by users) - Inclusion of geographical distance calculations from polar coordinates in mat_geo_dist function - Compatibility with SNPs markers and 2 allele-digits coded microsatellites - Creation of compute_node_metric and compute_graph_modul integrating options previously included in graph_node_compar and graph_modul_compar, and modification of these two latter functions to integrate the two former - plot_graph_lg now allows users to change node sizes according to node attribute variables - Change from proj4string CRS to EPSG when given by users - Change from rgdal functions to sf functions when the former returned too many warning messages - Creation of four vignettes instead of one

graph4lg 0.5.0

graph4lg 0.4.0

graph4lg 0.3.0

graph4lg 0.2.0

graph4lg 0.1.1

graph4lg 0.1.0