iGSEA: Integrative Gene Set Enrichment Analysis Approaches

To integrate multiple GSEA studies, we propose a hybrid strategy, iGSEA-AT, for choosing random effects (RE) versus fixed effect (FE) models, with an attempt to achieve the potential maximum statistical efficiency as well as stability in performance in various practical situations. In addition to iGSEA-AT, this package also provides options to perform integrative GSEA with testing based on a FE model (iGSEA-FE) and testing based on a RE model (iGSEA-RE). The approaches account for different set sizes when testing a database of gene sets. The function is easy to use, and the three approaches can be applied to both binary and continuous phenotypes.

Version: 1.2
Published: 2017-05-12
Author: Wentao Lu, Xinlei Wang, Xiaowei Zhan
Maintainer: Wentao Lu <wlu1026 at yahoo.com>
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: no
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