whitebox 2.0.0

Enhancements: - whitebox::install_whitebox() will call wbt_init() on the exe_path after unpacking to target directory
- wbt_init() exe_path, wbt_wd() wd, and install_whitebox() pkg_dir paths can be specified with shorthand ~ for home directory, which is expanded with path.expand() - Unsetting working directories requires only a single call to wbt_wd("") - Functions no longer use match.call() so unconventional/automated methods for calling tools that do not have a parseable tool name in the call result now work (#45)

whitebox 1.5.1

New package options

* `wbt_init()` can set any of the other options in the same call as the custom EXE path. 
    * `wbt_options()` returns current option values
* Use a system environment variable (`R_WHITEBOX_EXE_PATH`) or package option (`whitebox.exe_path`) 
    * Get / set with `wbt_init()`. 
* Verbosity controlled with (`R_WHITEBOX_VERBOSE`) or package option (`whitebox.verbose`) 
    * Get / set with `wbt_verbose()`
* Working directory controlled with (`R_WHITEBOX_WD`) or package option (`whitebox.wd`) 
    * Get / set with `wbt_wd()`

whitebox 1.5.0

whitebox 1.4.0

whitebox 1.3.1

whitebox 1.3.0

whitebox 1.1.0

whitebox 1.0.2

whitebox 1.0.1

whitebox 0.5.0

whitebox 0.3.0

whitebox 0.2.0

whitebox 0.1.1

whitebox 0.1